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You will find all the support you need to lose weight right here. Free diet programs that are easy to follow and offer generous results. Need a helping hand? Sign up for personal coaching at your own pace to get you started and keep you on track. Boost your weight loss and overall wellness with our range of supplements. These will assist to correct body processes and restore balance. Find out more about mesotherapy and connect to a therapist in your area for a healthy alternative to conventional body sculpting.

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Dietworx offers several lifestyle programs to support your weight loss process and ensure you reach your goals. Our programs are designed to help you establish an entire new lifestyle with an understanding of your body and the effect of food choices on your weight, your energy levels and physical performance. 

Find out which of our world class programs will work best for you. To make this accessible to all, we offer all programs free of charge for download right here on our website. Visit the Resources Page to find current programs.


Mesotherapy designed to suite individual needs assist in establishing a healthy weight loss rate, through continual research and formulation of innovative products that focus on bio-regeneration and healing. 

Dietworx products have been scientifically formulated to heal and regenerate the body, resulting in accelerated fat oxidation and increased metabolism.

Dietworx offers over 3 decades of experience in understanding the complexity of each person's unique and individual slimming needs.

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Having a coach to guide you along your weight loss journey is probably the most important choice your can make to ensure you achieve success quickly. Working with patients all the time gives our coaches the experience & expertise to help you through every physical and emotional problem - effortlessly. Lifestyle challenges can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but you are in capable hands with your Dietworx coach who will help you get through these with elegance and ease. Get in touch for more information or to schedule a consultation.


We've blended a natural cocktail of herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients that may speed up fat metabolism, general metabolism and movement of emulsified fat into the lymphatic system, to customize the body contouring needs of every area of the body. It is necessary to emphasize that this procedure is not an alternative to healthy nutrition or exercise, but we believe that it helps to target areas not easily affected by regular exercise and healthy nutrition. The treatment is performed by a certified professional and involves a virtually painless mesotherapy administration of a non medical product. Get in touch on our contact page for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Body contouring

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contouring mesotherapy

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These days it is so easy to stop using our bodies. We work in front of our computers, seated. We sit and drive and when we get home most of us sit and relax for supper and after that, sit or lie down to watch television. Children sit most of their day in school and for the most part all activities are limited to consoles, phones and pc's. 

One of the biggest contributors to weight gain is stress and overproduction of cortisol as a result of stress. Our bodies remain in a fight or flight state whether we're on the phone, in a meeting or in traffic  -  all while we are stuck in our seat and faced with no 'escape'. 

Exercise is even more important these days because of the lifestyle most of us find ourselves in. But when you find yourself overweight and unhealthy, exercise is in most cases the last thing you want to do in your free time, if you even have the luxury of free time.

Luckily all of this can be changed by making a few easy changes to your lifestyle. Once you understand your body and have lost weight effectively, you find yourself having much more energy and now you can enjoy movement with ease. Our programs are designed along with medication, to assist in optimizing mental and physical performance so that you can function better in every area of your life. 

Because you work with your wellness coach for a time to establish a new lifestyle, we create lasting change. Start your journey to truly living a wonderful life - change your diet, change your life!

about me

I love food! 

I always tell my clients - I should be obese because of my love for food. I have always had a bit of a weight problem until I found my own solution for my unique body. I've used low carb living for years to control my weight, and when I hit a 'wall' during menopause, I once again found ways to cope without losing control. 

Over the last 10 years I have helped people of all cultures, ages and ethnicities to find their balance and maintain healthy weight while improving overall wellness. I love what I do and I love seeing my clients become all they can be. It's amazing what happens to people when they realize they can take and keep control of their health and wellness.

adele diamond

Hi and welcome to Dietworx. I hope that you will find all you need here to get you started on a brand new lifestyle where you have control of your weight and wellness. Once you understand your body and how it works, it really is easy to stay on track.

I don't believe in quick fixes. The programs offered through Dietworx are structured in a way to establish discipline and lasting change. Because our programs are easy to follow and offer you generous results in a short time, patients stay motivated to keep going. You'll find lots of variety and lenience to ensure you can still have fun, even when you maintain a lifestyle of losing 1kg or more weekly on your way to your goal weight.  Starvation diets don't produce lasting change, so these are not available here. The Dietworx way is for people who want to lose weight healthily while still enjoying good food choices, and who have the patience to stick it out till the end. I will certainly be there to guide and motivate you every step of the way!

Adele Diamond