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Change your diet - Change your life!

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Diet coaching

Good to know


Food is awesome and can support your body in wonderful ways. There are basic guidelines to correct major overweight problems and make your life easy. 



With 20 years experience, effectively resolving emotional challenges for thousands of overweight patients, you can rest assured. We've got you!



No chemicals or supplements needed - just food. Because the correct food choices are all you need to heal yourself and feel great.



Our programs are easy to follow and based on science,  therefore you always achieve optimum results in the shortest period of time. 

Creative Solutions


Everyone's lifestyle is unique. We have faced many challenges together with our clients and have created simple solutions to make sure your lifestyle change is easy and effective.



For each program offered through Dietworx, we ensure you implement a lifestyle where you can enjoy all the foods you love so you never have to feel deprived.

Patient Reviews

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My Dietworx coach helped me reach my goal weight in just 2 months. My overall health has improved so much. Thank you!


I have lost 50kg and completely discontinued use of insuline. I am a new person completely and my whole life has changed for the best. 


My Dietworx coach helped me get relief from depression and menopause symptoms by simply altering my food choices. I am in control of my health now.


Weight loss 23kg. Benefits of the program - endless. I finaly passed my medical for renewing my pilot's licence thanks to my Dietworx coach.