As founder and diet coach for Dietworx - I had my own weight loss challenges throughout life. These were a little more challenging during puberty, after each pregnancy and of course menopause! Over the years for each of these, I have refined  my programs and mental support for my clients to ensure they stay in charge of their health and weight. I am confident that I can help YOU do the same. You never have to struggle with overweight problems again - ever.

About ME

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There is no doubt that the programs offered on this portal works 100% of the time for everyone. The right guidance is however crucial as we are not all the same and each patient has their own unique metabolic and lifestyle requirements. Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years and being prone to hormonal imbalances at my own rout cause for eating disorders in the past, I have combined experience with expertise and effective coaching techniques to get you safely through the process and on your way to success. Schedule your FREE online consultation today, I would love to help YOU!