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Change your diet - Change your life!

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Find all you need to lose weight effectively!


Dietworx offers a selection of scientific programs, specifically designed to suit your 

unique dietary requirements. 


We specialize in assisting patients with health conditions that normally present difficulty

in weightloss. 


Our holistic coaching approach attends to physical health requirements, as well as psychological

and emotional needs of the patient

to ensure success and permanent results.


Heal and transform your body by simply correcting your food choices.

The scientific programs offered by Dietworx allow for a lifestyle of flexibility and fun. You don't have to sacrifice your favorite foods to be healthy.


By working with your Dietworx coach, you will create a complete new lifestyle that allows for optimum wellness.

Our programs are personally structured so you can understand your body and still enjoy all the foods you love without losing control.


For this reason, our patients achieve permanent results and ever improving wellness.


We are passionate about helping. If you cannot afford a diet coach, download one of our basic programs lower down on this page to get started on your wellness journey today. For coaching contact us via our contact form.


Free Downloadable Diet Programs That Work!



Establish a strong fat burning metabolism

Eliminate cravings

Improve brain function

Correct blood pressure

Increase energy levels

Build lean muscle

Eliminate disease


Introduction to carb-cycling

Intermittent Fasting  

Coming soon


Anti ageing

Activate natural HCG production

Increase energy levels

Increase brain function

Improve sleep

Generous weight loss






Menopause support

Correct hormone imbalances

Generous weight loss

Correct body processes

Eliminate toxins


Stop cravings

Build lean muscle

Anti Ageing


Simplify your weight loss process.


At Dietworx we focus on specific solutions to eliminate the cause of overweight problems. Our programs are designed to support your unique lifestyle requirements, while correcting body processes to maximize weight loss and improve  overall wellness.  


Based on science, Dietworx  programs are reliable, easy to follow and offer generous results in a short time frame so that you get momentum to keep focus.